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Helping Entrepreneurs in Service Industries build thriving businesses so they no longer feel overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck through both one on one and group coaching.

Are you tired of trying to figure out which of your seemingly infinite number of urgent needs you should be focusing your time and energy on each day?

Can You Relate to These Common Challenges?

It is easy to become overwhelmed when running a business, especially once you have employees on board.  Without question, the greatest benefit a business owner can have is clarity on where to focus their energy and time.


How is this accomplished?  By having a plan, a starting point and a destination, and measurable milestones along the way.  And, by having an experienced guide to help you navigate the pitfalls of business ownership - both the ones you can see coming, and the ones you cannot.


The Service Industry Success Path is your step-by-step guide to reaching your business goals, and Brian Harding is your guide who knows what is waiting ahead on your journey.

Other versions of this problem are:

  • "I can't trust my employees to do the right thing!"
  • "Nobody seems to be able to make a decision around here but me!"
  • "Why is it so hard to get employees to get on board with what we need to get done?"
  • "If I could just hire some more people, it seems that all of my problems would go away!"


This is a common problem, and is addressed in Stage 3 of the Service Industry Success Path, which is devoted to guiding the entrepreneur through their transition from an employee mindset to that of a business owner.

No, we are not naturally born with the skills to read financial statements.  Same goes with cash flow forecasting.  These are not skills that we should be embarrassed about not having immediately upon starting our own business.


And yet, overcoming the embarrassment or fear of admitting that we don't really understand how a P&L or Balance Sheet works is a common obstacle.  Often times one which prevents us from getting the training we need and gaining the knowledge necessary to become proficient in understanding the financial health of our company.


Running a business without an understanding of the financial consequences or benefits of decisions we make removes much of the control we have, and leaves a significant amount of our success to chance, rather than to sound judgement.


But, it doesn't have to be hard either.  Once you have a practical understanding of what you are looking at, what you can ignore (which, on a month-to-month basis is most of it), and what you really can have an immediate impact on, getting a handle on your financials isn't overwhelming.

The saying, "It's lonely at the top," is never quite understood until one lives it.  And, as entrepreneurs, that spot at the top of our company's organizational chart can be a lonely one indeed.


How is it possible that we can be surrounded by employees, customers, suppliers, professional friends, and even our own family, and yet we feel isolated and alone?


No matter how much we try to explain to our spouse why we can't 'turn it all off' when we get home, or why we can't 'just fire' that problem employee, customer or supplier, we can never seem to get them to understand the burdens that accompany owning and running our own business.


But, there are people who understand.  They are entrepreneurs running a service business just like us.  And although they may be in a different industry, the pains they feel, the struggles they endure and the challenges they have overcome are exactly the same.  Many of them have worked through, or are currently working through the same problems you are facing today.  Some of the best advice, and mentorship, any of us can get is from someone who has solved a problem we are working on.


You don't have to be alone.  We are here waiting to help you.

It doesn't have to be this way! There is a simpler, easier path.

These are typical frustrations for entrepreneurs in service industries like Contractors, Home Repair Services, Auto Repair Services, Property Managers, CPAs, IT Service Providers, and many more.

In fact, the challenges above are predictable, at least once you have experienced them. Fortunately, just as the challenges are predictable, so are the solutions.

Drawing upon his personal experience of growing and selling a multi-million dollar, 50+ employee, service business within 10 years of its startup, Brian Harding has detailed the entire business life cycle process, from inception to succession, complete with action items and milestones, in the blueprint for Service Industry Success.

This blueprint is the Service Industry Success Path, and serves as the framework for the MySuccessWorx group coaching membership, and for the One-on-One Coaching Brian provides.

Want to see what the Service Industry Success Path is?

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What are current Members and Clients saying about Service Industry Success?

“What I've learned from Brian has been life changing”

~ Joanne Sandberg, Rainier ChemDry


“I feel I get more out of the membership then I’m paying for!"

~ Jen Noland, Spartan Agency


“I have worked with several consultants and Brian has done this better than any of them”

~ Stacy Conner, Equipment Experts

MySuccessWorx Membership

A membership program with weekly, group coaching and Q&A meetings, along with a catalogue of videos, designed to speed up your progress, covering a wide range of topics.

Members get the benefit of not only making progress on the Success Path, but also drawing upon the extensive experience of other successful business owners in the group.

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One coaching provides individualized direction and attention which addresses the specific needs of the Entrepreneur and their business.  While the Success Path is still the blueprint, this tailored approach also allows for deep dive problem solving when necessary.

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